Hiking The Middle Buffalo River Trails

Middle River Hiking Trails  Buffalo National River 

Tyler Bend Visitor Center (870) 439-2502

Fees: Free

Seasons: Year Round

Woolham Trailhead GPS 
35.96986, -92.88664

Tyler Bend Trailhead GPS 

Gilbert Trailhead GPS  
35.98751, -92.71499

Woolham Area

Buffalo River Trail, Woolham to HWY 65
Trailhead:  Woolham   GPS: 
15 miles, 9-10 hours
Notes:  Strenuous, with scenic overlooks, connects to the Ozark Highlands Trail, river ford

Tyler Bend Visitor Center Area

River View Trail
Trailhead:  Tyler Bend Visitor Center
1.4 miles  1 to 2 hours
Notes:  Moderate with spectacular views, historic site.

Buffalo River Trail, Tyler Bend to Gilbert
Trailhead:  Tyler Bend Visitors Center
5.5 miles, 4 to 5 hours 
Notes:  Moderate over varied terrain, old homesite, scenic overlook.  Overgrown in summer. 

Collier Homestead/River View Trail
Trailhead:  Tyler Bend: Collier Homestead
0.6 miles, 1/2 to 1 hour
Notes:  Easy, historic site, spectacular views.

Spring Hollow Trail
Trailhead:  Tyler Bend Amphitheater
0.9 miles, 1 hour
Notes:  Moderate, streambed, forested.  Good spring wildflower display. 

Buck Ridge/Rock Wall Trail
Trailhead: Tyler Bend Amphitheater
2.6 miles, 1 to 2 hours
Notes:  Moderate, historic features, forested. Good spring wildflower display. 

Gilbert Area

Gilbert Railroad Trail
Trailhead:  Gilbert
3.4 miles, 2 to 3 hours
Notes:  Easy, old railroad pilings.  Overgrown in summer.