Hiking The Lower Buffalo River Trails

Buffalo Point Ranger Station

(870) 449-4311
Fees: Free
Seasons: Year Round

Buffalo Point
36.079, -92.57423
Map & Directions

Rush/Rush Landing
36.12567, -92.5288
Map & Directions

Buffalo Point Area

Overlook Trail
Trailhead:  Buffalo Point Trailhead 
0.3 miles, 1/2 hour
Notes:  Easy to moderate hike with spectacular overlook view of the Buffalo National River.
(a separate 0.4 mile trail connects from the overlook to the Buffalo Point Campground).

Campground Trail
Trailhead:  Buffalo Point Trailhead
1.2 miles, 1/2 to 1 hour
Notes:  Strenuous, 350-foot elevation change, forested

Indian Rockhouse Trail
Trailhead:  Buffalo Point Trailhead
3.5 miles, 3 to 4 hours
Notes:   Strenuous, 380-foot elevation change, small waterfall, small cave, bluff shelter with 
underground stream, water sculptured bedrock

Forest Trail
Trailhead:  Buffalo Point Group Campground
0.7 miles, 1.5 hours
Notes:  Moderate to strenuous, sink hole, forested

Rush/Rush Landing Area

Morning Star Loop
Trailhead: Morning Star Parking Lot
0.3 miles, 1/2 hour
Notes:  Moderate, historic mining area and structures

Rush Mountain Trail
Trailhead: Morning Star Parking Lot
2.2 miles, 2 to 2.5 hours
Notes:  Moderate to strenuous, steep, narrow trail, historic mining structures and mines.
Mines are off limits. 

Lower Buffalo Wilderness Area

Cow Creek - Cook Hollow Trail
Trailhead: Hathaway Hollow Trailhead
10.5 miles, 12 to 14 hours
Notes:  Very strenuous, 680-foot elevation change, forested trail with river views, spring
and historic cemetery. Also horse trail. Hunter orange in hunting season. Topographical maps recommended.